Moringa smoothie

Moringa smoothie
Prepare ingredients.
Pluck out the leaf from the stalk ...
... and wash.
Wash also celery stalks.
Remove the celery leaves. You can use them for smoothie decoration.
Peel a cucumber and cut in half.
Peel 2-3 apples.
Each cut into four parts.
Cut out the seeds.
Prepare fruit press or juicer.
Put moringa leaves into the juicer.
Also the apple slices ...
... and celery stalks.
Now the cucumber follows.
Mix in all together.


Full of antioxidants and wrinkle-fighting beta-carotene, moringa is native to South Asia, and is one of those rare fruits that have protein. Cucumber and apple are extremely hydrating. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin K and a good source of vitamin A, potassium, and folate.


1⁄4 bunch moringa leaves
1 cucumber
2 apples (2-3)
  celery stalks