Mangut ikan

Mangut ikan
Prepare ingredients.
Put chunks of 1 onion to a food processor.
Add 3-4 garlic cloves.
Add chunks of 2-3 centimeters of ginger.
Add 4 candlenuts.
Add 5 grams of shrimp paste.
Add 1 teaspoon of salt.
Add 1/2-1 tablespoon of coriander seed powder and grind the spice mix finely.
Heat 2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan.
Put the spice mixture into the hot oil.
Add pieces of 2 centimeters of galangal.
Add 3-5 kaffir lime leaves.
Add 2 bay leaves.
Fry the spices until they start to get fragrant.
Pour 250 milliliters of coconut milk over the spices.
Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to a low level.
Add 20 grams of palm sugar.
Cut 1 large red chili pepper into diagonal pieces.
Cut 3-5 large green chili peppers into diagonal pieces.
Put chili pepper pieces to the sauce.
Stir fry briefly.
Put 1-2 smoked mackerels to the sauce.
Continue cooking.
Drizzle lime juice over the fish.
Cook for 2-3 minutes.
Transfer to a plate.
Prepare servings.
Serve with cooked rice.


Mangut is a typical food commonly found around Semarang (Central Java, Indonesia), but some mangut versions are also found in Solo and Yogyakarta (also Central Java) although not as popular as in Semarang. Mangut ikan (mangut fish) commonly made from smoked fish. This fish is then re-cooked with coconut milk and various spices. It's tasty, sweet and spicy.


1 smoked mackarels or other fish (1-2)
1 large red chili pepper
3 large green chili peppers (3-5)
250 milliliters coconut milk
1 onion (or red onion)
3 cloves garlic (3-4 cloves)
2 ginger (2-3 cm)
2 galangal (2 cm)
4 candlenuts
5 grams shrimp paste
1 teaspoon salt
1⁄2 tablespoon coriander seed powder (1/2-1 tablespoon)
3 kaffir lime leaves (3-5)
2 Indonesian bay leaves (substitute: bay leaves)
1 lemon or lime
2 tablespoons cooking oil (2-3 tablespoons)