Prepare ingredients.
Submerge 400-600 grams fragrant rice in water and wash it.
Pour out the starchy water and transfer the wet rice to a pot.
Add enough water to cover the top of the rice by 1 centimeter.
Heat the pot.
Bring to boil.
Turn heat to a lowest level.
Cover the pot and simmer rice for 15-20 minutes.
Remove from the heat and transfer to a plate/bowl.
Prepare banana leaves.
Dampen your palms.
Scoop a portion of the cooled rice into your hand. Shape in cylindrical form; but not too tight.
Place the cylindrical rice on banana leaf.
Wrap it well.
Secure the last folds of the leaves together with toothpicks to hold in place.
Repeat step 10-16 until all the cooked rice has been used.
Put the banana leaf-wrapped rice into a pot.
Pour water until everything is submerged.
Heat the pot.
Cover the pot. Cook until the volume of rice continues to grow, making the wrapper tighter.
Occasionally, additional water must be added.
Remove from heat ...
... and transfer to a plate/caserole.
Let lontong cool in the fridge.
Unwrap lontong before serving.
Cut into bite size pieces and use as a side dish.


Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The rice rolled inside banana leaf and boiled, then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice.


400 grams fragrant rice (400-600 grams)
400 grams banana leaves (400-500 grams)